Client List

Wilder's Grove Landfill;
Raleigh, ND
30 mil PVC - 1,134,118 sf


City of Casper Landfill Cap;
Casper, WY
30 mil PVC - 2,894,675 sf


Grand Forks Landfill;
Grand Forks, ND
60 mil HDPE Textured - 1,836,000 sf
60oz Geotextile - 1,836,000 sf


Show Me Landfill;
Warrensburg, MO
60 mil HDPE - 621,140 sf


Prairie Hill Landfill;
Holdrege, NE
60 mil HDPE - 337,575 sf
60 mil HDPE Textured - 165,920 sf


Cheyenne Landfill;
Cheyenne, WY
30 mil PVC - 826,100 sf


RMA Elf Cap;
Commerce City, CO
60 mil textured HDPE - 1,263,600 sf
GCL Bentomat DN- 1,263,600 sf
16oz Geotextile - 1,263,600 sf
Geocomposite - 1,263,600 sf


OVSL Leachate Cover/Floating Cover;
Port Orchard, WA
XR-5 - 54,000 sf


Rocky Flats;
Arvada, CO
60 mil LLDPE Textured - 1,000,000 sf
GCL Bentomat ST- 1,000,000 sf

Geocomposite - 1,000,000 sf


Cheyenne Sanitary Landfill;
Cheyenne, WY
40 mil LLDPE - 328,689 sf

Geocomposite - 416,358 sf
60 mil HDPE - 554,953 sf


*This is a Partial List

Applications - Landfill Liners - Geoembrane Fabrication & Installation


Landfill Liner Installation


For secure solid waste containment, CLI is a select provider of both products and techniques that facilitate installation.

Landfills are massive, critical projects. A secure landfill is carefully engineered to avoid any hydraulic connection between the wastes and the surrounding environment. The geosynthetic components (cell liner, leachate collection ponds and landfill caps) represent a small fraction of the overall cost but virtually 100% of the protection.

We now see lining systems under the majority of all new landfills in the US. Geomembranes are used in both hazardous and non-hazardous landfills.

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Leachate Ponds - Project Profile

Meet EPA requirements.

Leachate pond cover design and installation.

Liners stop loss into groundwater.

A broad range of leachate and gas collection materials.


Landfill Covers - ADC Covers | Rain Covers

Reduce leachate generation

Block release of methane

Covers reduce unwanted odors