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Spray On Liner
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Featured Projects List:


Johnny G. Martinez Reservoir;
Tempe, AZ
45 mil RPP - 93,854 sf
12 oz Geotextile - 12,000 sf
60 mil Ecodur Coating
- 2,893 sf


Highline Reservoir;
Colorado Springs, CO
8oz Geotextile - 170,000 sf
45 mil RPP - 85,000 sf
45 mil R-CSPE - 85000 sf
Ecodur Coating - 1,000 sf


SEMSWA Water Demo Garden;
Centennial, CO
8oz Geotextile - 7,371 sf
30 mil PVC - 2,880 sf
Ecodur Coating - 1,611 sf


Shell Tanks;
Pinedale, WY
Ecodur Coating - 30,000 sf


Roxborough Water & Sanitation Clarifier;
Roxborough, CO
Ecodur Coating - 700 sf


McWane Retaining Wall;
Ft. Worth, TX
Ecodur Coating - 1,000 sf


Rentech Tanks;
Commerce City, CO
Ecodur Coating - 10,000 sf


Castle Rock Stream Bed;
Castle Rock, CO
Ecodur Coating - 800 sf


BNSF Loading Dock;
Denver, CO
Textured Ecodur Coating– 495 sf


Rancho Tonto Fish Pond;
Payson, AZ
Ecodur Coating– 5,600 sf


Divide Road Tank Interiors;
Roan Mesa Parachute, CO
Ecodur Coating– 52,800




Ecodur 201 Product Series - Spray Coating


Ecodur Spray Liner Spray Liner Application


Material Specs | Request Information

  • Environmental Safe Lining System
  • NSF 61 Approved
  • Fast Setting
  • Applications down to -20° F
  • Rapid Cure
  • Made of Recycled Gypsum & Castor Oil
  • 100% Solids
  • Excellent Bond Strength to Steel & Concrete
  • Excellent Corrosion Protection



  • Manholes
  • Tunnels
  • Wet Wells
  • Tank Interiors
  • Clarifiers
  • Aqueduct
  • Digesters
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Industrial Floors
  • Water Treatment
  • Concrete / Shotcrete Waterproofing
  • Concrete Structures including: Manholes, Wet Wells, Vaults & Rain Gardens

The Ecodur Spray Liner System is a solvent free spray on liner system comprised completely of natural products and has no V.O.C.s. This product will provide solutions for a range of applications in a number of different industrial markets, many of which operate in harsh environments. CLI's proven industrial coatings are incredibly tough and durable even under such extremes. Ecodur has been independently tested and certified by CSA International as a NSF 61 approved product suitable for use in drinking water storage tanks, piping systems and related structures and surfaces as a lining or coating. Uses include tank linings & coatings, waste water treatment, landscape water containment, fuel storage, and industrial flooring to name a few. 


Application & Installation

It is applied by trained technicians with custom designed equipment to ensure lining systems that are seamless and resilient with excellent bond strengths. Crews from the Colorado Lining headquarters in Parker, CO are experienced installers and have Ecodur systems currently in operation in the Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions of the US. 


Ecodur Spray Liner Installation Ecodur Spray Liner Application



Projects Using Spray Coatings & Geomembrane Materials.
Coating products combined with geomembranes can alleviate leakage risks in difficult-to-access areas. The use of design-build strategies along with fabricated geomembranes create a secondary seal between a substrate and the geomembrane liner system. This seal includes a spray coating that starts on the substrate, continues over the mechanical termination bar and onto the geomembrane liner. By having a continuous coating covering the entire termination area, it provides a secondary watertight seal between the liner and substrate. The coating can also be applied to the surrounding concrete in the area to provide a barrier to make sure water is not lost through old, fractured, decaying or porous concrete. The use of coatings to enhance the characteristics and performance of steel, concrete and geosynthetics is increasing through the civil engineering sector.

Learn more about how our Ecodur product has been used in combination with geomembranes to improve the design of a project: Coated, Fabricated Geomembrane Modernizes Tempe’s Water Infrastructure


Sandblasting Services Available with Coating Projects
Colorado Lining can provide sandblasting and pressure washing services in conjunction with coating application on projects with existing steel or concrete that needs to be prepared prior to coating. The key to making a coating project succeed is proper surface preparation of the substrate.


















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