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The use of geosynthetics in the agricultural market is very diversified and far reaching. CLI offers a broad range of cost-effective products to ensure successful farm operations.

Geosynthetic use in agriculture has meant complementing or enhancing natural materials and the protection of natural resources by reinforcement, drainage, separation, filtration or containment.

Geomembrane lining has been used in solid and liquid containment and to limit seepage during the conveyance of water through man-made ditches and canals. Over the years, with increased awareness of pollution control and the need to use and protect our water resources, our industry has evolved into a complex range of agricultural uses.

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Specific Applications

  • Irrigation Ponds
  • Waste Lagoons
  • Stock Tank Liners
  • Dairy Operations
  • Irrigation Pond Liners


Thoughtful use of geosynthetics in the Aquaculture market is necessary. Certain fish and other aquatic life can be very sensitive to their environments & require special lining considerations. CLI offers a broad range of cost-effective products    to ensure successful aquaculture operations.

We have been working with experts in the Aquaculture Industry  since 1978. CLI’s expertise in solving complicated containment issues has made us a leader in the industry.

We offer a variety of solutions including Pond and Lake Liners, Baffle Curtains, Floating Covers, Drop-in Tank Liners and more.

Specific Applications

  • Fish Hatcheries
  • Aquatic Habitats
  • Algae Raceways
  • Fishing Lakes

Athletic Field Lining

Athletic fields and venues designs are becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly. These new designs are incorporating geomembrane materials under the fields to control water and keep the fields playable in all weather conditions. Our PVC geomembranes offer the best performance of any lining system currently on the market. Fabricated to size in our plants they offer advantages in lay-flat and puncture resistance not found in competing geomembranes These systems capture, control and contain storm-water which can be used on perimeter landscaping and or controlled to avoid excessive water

PVC Advantages

  • Custom Fabricated in Large Panels
  • Can be Adhesive Welded in the Field
  • Has a Very Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion and Maintains Excellent Contact with Subgrade
  • Easy Installation - No Special Equipment Needed
  • Reduces Wrinkles and Improves Drainage

Energy - Oil & Gas, Power Plants & Substations

Oil & Gas
Our expertise in solving complicated secondary containment and oil field lining issues has made us a pioneer in the now evolving Oil & Gas industry. CLI can provide oilfield pit liners, frac pit storage pond containment, and secondary containment services meet, and often exceed containment requirements. 

Coal Ash Landfills & Caps
Meet the new EPA regulations with large panel fabrication and quality you can only find when your materials are built in a factory controlled environment. We recommend the use of PVC materials, but offer a range of other membrane solutions should your project specify other material types.

CLI can provide custom, complete and reliable liner solutions for lining beneath and around transformers and transformer pads at substations. Solutions include secondary containment as well.

Specific Applications

  • Oilfield Pit Liners - Temporary and Permanent
  • Frac Pit Storage Ponds
  • Secondary Containment
  • Coal Ash Residue Containment
  • Generating Stations for Power Plants
  • Tank Storage Lining
  • Evaporative Ponds

Golf & Decorative

Colorado Lining has extensive experience working on a range of golf course and decorative liner projects. Whether you need us to inspect and repair a tear in an existing liner, You are a course designer looking for a qualified and trusted lining subcontractor, or you just need quality materials that are custom fabricated for your project - CLI can help!

Geomembrane lining can help:

  • Reduce or replace the amount of natural materials required
  • Cut construction time and costs
  • Improve performance, maintenance and life of your project
  • Create long term containment & sustainability
Project Profile
Decorative Pond

Specific Applications

  • Lake & Pond Construction
  • Streams & Waterfalls
  • Aquatic Habitats
  • Natural Looking Water Features
  • Shoreline Treatments
  • Fountains & Aeration
  • Lake Restoration
  • Gas Ventilation Layers
  • Decorative Retention Ponds

Landfill & Solid Waste

For secure solid waste containment and landfill liner, CLI is a select provider of both products and techniques that facilitate installation. Our liner services can help landfill owners meet EPA requirements, reduce or eliminate odors, maximize capacity, and maintain groundwater.

Landfills are massive, critical projects. A secure landfill is carefully engineered to avoid any hydraulic connection between the wastes and the surrounding environment. The geosynthetic components (cell liner, leachate collection ponds and landfill caps) represent a small fraction of the overall cost but virtually 100% of the protection.

We now see lining systems under the majority of all new landfills in the US.

Geomembranes are used in both hazardous and non-hazardous landfills.

Specific Applications

  • Cell & Cap Liners
  • Leachate Pond Lining & Covers
  • Alternate Daily Covers
  • Rain Covers
  • Gas Collection


Colorado Lining is very familiar with the construction of lagoons that function as a critical part of many mining applications including: storage of surplus groundwater, tailings, overburden, processing and barren ponds. We are also an industry pioneer in the design-build, fabrication and installation of floating covers for many of the afore mentioned mining applications.

Our liners and process are ideal for the mining market because we offer material options that have exceptional tear, chemical and puncture resistance. We also have UV stable liner for projects that require such stability. CLI can fabricate large custom panels in one of our 3 US fabrication facilities. These factors, options and our process help ensure that your project will be a success.

Specific Applications

  • Surplus Groundwater Containment
  • Leachate Pond Lining & Covers
  • Barren Pond
  • Processing Ponds
  • Heap Leach Pads
  • Reclamation and Rehabilitation
  • Overburden Containment Liner
  • Tailings Containment


Water features and recreational ponds or lakes play many roles in today's world. The beauty and habitat of a well-placed pond or creek can improve the appearance of even the flattest, most mundane piece of land — and serve a more recreational purpose while being environmentally friendly.

Today's landscape contractors and architects pay a great deal of attention to the addition of water features to enhance their overall designs so that features are beautiful, functional, and recreational. Geomembranes and pond liner used in tandem with solid design turn a less than ideal piece of land into a valuable asset. In addition, geomembrane use prevents seepage loss thereby conserving millions of gallons of water annually in potable water applications.

Specific Applications

  • Fishing Lakes and Ponds
  • Man Made Wave Parks
  • Water Ski Lakes
  • Snow Making Ponds for Ski Resorts
  • Water Features & Fountains


CLI is available for residential applications as well, and has experience working with home owners to create well placed ponds, lakes and water features that can help make any property landscape a valuable asset that adds value to your property.

As with all of our products and services our geomembranes help property owners prevent seepage loss thereby conserving millions of gallons of water annually in potable water applications.

Specific Applications

  • Fishing Lakes and Ponds
  • Water Features & Fountains
  • Koi Ponds
  • Streams
  • Stock Tank Ponds
  • Aquatic Habitats

Storm Water

Storm Water, Detention and Retention Ponds
A storm water detention pond can be used for many things. It can provide channel runoff & overbank flood control, or to collect and treat water from non-porous areas on or very near to the site. These ponds can also be very decorative so that you conserve water, without sacrificing aesthetics. Better site design makes storm water management easier. CLI has the experience and resources to make your specific project a success.

Storm Water Harvesting
Water harvesting is the process of intercepting storm water runoff from a surface and putting it to other use. The water can be collected, and retained for irrigation of natural landscaped areas. Capturing and using storm water can reduce site discharge and erosion, and the potential transport of storm water pollutants. *Note: Some states have restrictions regarding storm water harvesting for beneficial use.

Site Run Off Water Containment
Many construction and farming sites require containment of run off water for proper processing or disposal. Geomembrane materials can be an effective tool in your water reclamation and containment efforts. Liner can be used as ditch liner for discharge channels, to control soil stabilization runoff, and reduce the eroding of necessary ditches or ponds. CLI also lines underground storage chambers below sites or parking areas. These chambers allow for storage of storm water without losing valuable real estate.

Municipal Demo Water Garden


Wastewater Treatment Plants dot our nation, treating used water and solids from the communities they serve. The Clean Water Act has required most publicly operated waste water treatment plants (WWTP) to install lagoon lining systems to prevent contaminants from entering groundwater sources or streams.

We believe the end result is only as good as the project specifications, materials, and quality of installation. CLI has worked with civil engineers on a number of water treatment facilities. Our projects were completed on time and are in service with no leakage.

Specific Applications

  • Primary & Secondary Waste Treatment
  • Solid Waste & Toxic Waste Management
  • Sludge Management
  • Leaching From Sanitary Landfills
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Baffle Systems
  • Floating Cover Systems

Geomembranes for Water Storage

Water storage and processing will continue to be an important industry throughout the world. Colorado Lining understands the importance of efficient water storage and processing and has decades of experience working on design-build, fabrication and installation of complicated projects related to water supply.

CLI has been a pioneer in the potable water market and offers options that are environmentally friendly, reliable, strong and materials that are NSF 61 certified. We provide design-build, liner fabrication and installation services for a range of applications that are relevant to potable water containment.

Specific Applications

  • Reservoirs
  • Desalination Storage Reservoirs
  • Dam Lining
  • Clearwells
  • Floating Cover Systems
  • Potable Water Storage