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Colorado Lining's Hydro-CapTM Floating Cover Systems serve in numerous applications including water protection, anaerobic digestion, methane/biogas gas collection, odor, evaporation and algae control, leachate containment while keeping rain and snowmelt out among many other functions.
Hydro-CapTM Floating Covers are used in a variety of industries including Landfills, Potable and Industrial Water Storage, Wastewater, Agricultural, Oil & Gas, and many more. CLI has helped to design and install traditional defined sump style floating cover systems, as well as develop new patented and patent pending designs for Frac Tanks, Above Ground Storage Tanks (or AST’s), Clarifiers and Insulated Anaerobic Digestion reservoir covers.

Floating Cover For Potable Water Storage

Floating Covers:
Advantages to an Enclosed System

Cleaner Water  — the liquid is completely encapsulated, keeping it consistently cleaner.

Greater Chemical Stability  — As evaporation is prevented and environmental pollution is blocked, water will remain more chemically stable - for potable water, this means less chlorine use while greatly reducing the possible formation of trihalomethanes (or THM’s) that threaten water safety.

Consider Design
There are several different design "types", however, the most common design in use is the Defined Sump, Tensioned Plate system Pioneered by Burke Industries (Burke/Mercer), of San Jose, CA that have proven their viability for over three decades.

How It Works:

Life Expectancy of This Cover Can Exceed 20 Years

Consider Installation
Construction of a floating cover is a highly specialized craft. Experience, ability and pride of workmanship are all key ingredients along with certified technical ability and a commitment to Quality Control.

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Although overall maintenance is low, routine inspections and periodic cleanings are necessary (the amount of time between cleanings is dependent upon the cover's location). CLI offers inspection and maintenance services at competitive prices. Contact us.

A Revolution in Above Ground Storage Tank Floating Covers

Frac Tank Floating Covers
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We adapted our proprietary tether restrained cover system originally design for livestock watering tanks to large-scale Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST) for many applications including oil field frac applications and construction water containment.  The keys to our success with this patent pending system are engineered countermeasures to resist wind uplift and incorporation of the industry’s most advanced bubble style cover membrane material, EvapGuardTM with GeoBubbleTM technology developed specifically for this purpose.

The engineered wind resistance features have made Hydro-CapTM AST cover system the go-to product in this application.  The robust design has even allowed our covers to be used at a windfarm where they performed flawlessly over a large diameter tanks. Many of our customers re-use these covers over and over again across the United States and Canada.    Hydro-CapTM AST covers are used year-round in every type of weather condition and can prevent up to 70% + of overall heat loss otherwise due to evaporation in a lightweight floating cover that installs within a few hours with a directed crew.  Fast installation and de-commissioning times greatly reduces risks to personnel and materials by decreasing exposure time to ambient conditions which often include wind that can cause devastation during AST system deployment and take-downs.


  • Low Cost
  • Prevents Movement & Rotation
  • Wind Uplift Resistance
  • Minimizes Evaporation up to 99%
  • Prevents Evaporative Heat Loss
  • Opaque Color Enhances Snow Melt
  • Lightweight
  • Mosquito Prevention
  • Protrusion Alignment Ensured
  • UV Resistant
  • Prevents Algae Growth
  • Eliminates Need For Bird Netting
  • Fast Installation

Revolutionary Panel Joining Omega Clips Create Lots of Happy Repeat HYDRO-CAP™ AST Floating Cover Customers!

Joining Clips for Floating Covers

Hydro-Cap™ AST floating covers are designed to be easily field configured to make allowances for piping and tank system appurtenances that protrude into the tank’s interior perimeter to avoid snagging as contained water levels rise and fall.

Our AST floating overs can be designed for use in tanks or containment structures that are circular, rectangular or irregular in plan view shape.  Typically, our cover systems range from requiring panel quantities from a single to up to 3 cover membrane panels in tanks approaching 200’/60 M diameter.

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Floating Cover Types & Applications

Tensioned Weight Floating Cover

Traditional Weight Tensioned Floating Covers

CLI has vast experience with weight-tensioned defined sump floating cover systems, which are the most commonly specified cover type for the protection of potable water to adhere to AWWA (American Water Works) standards. This cover type is very commonly used in industrial applications as well as waste water containment, including landfill leachate.

Above Ground Storage Tanks

Above Ground Storage Tanks

Our patented Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) covers are engineered for optimal stability in high winds combined with the most advanced bubble style cover membrane material, EvapGuard™ with GeoBubble™ technology developed specifically for above ground storage tanks. Designed to be easily field configured to make allowances for piping and AST system appurtenances that protrude into the tank’s interior perimeter to avoid snagging as contained water levels rise and fall. Our lightweight insulated covers, with weighted tethers have a robust, adjustable mounting system that is reusable over numerous installations. Cover membranes are also re-used in many instances. No other AST cover offers the stability and practicality of our Hydro-Cap™ system.

Gas Collection

Common applications include gas capturing for odor mitigation and/or anaerobic digestion processes for fuel production combined with water treatment. Gas collecting floating covers are very effective systems for capturing biogas. As part of a complete solution, CLI also partners with Munro to provide mobile pumps often needed for rainwater drainage/removal purposes.

Insulated Covers

Insulated floating cover systems help maintain desired temperatures in ponds, lagoons,  and above ground storage tank systems. CLI’s insulated floating covers are custom  designed and fabricated based on required thickness, chemical resistance, puncture resistance, and many more factors. We have pioneered a patented floating insulation  matrix layer for anaerobic digestion lagoons to increase gas production in colder months. This technology is much more economical than traditional insulated cover methods, and allows simplified cover system design and faster installation.

Clarifier Floating Covers

Clarifier Covers

CLI offers exclusive air-entrained/buoyant floating cover membranes that economically block sunlight, prevent algae, stop evaporation, provide insulation and can be configured to help resist strong winds. The buoyancy of our air-entrained floating cover system eliminates the need for ancillary floats required by typical cover membrane types, saving installation time and money. Our patented tethering system with removable rods allows our floating covers to be easily moved and re-secured on water. Custom reel systems can be engineered.

Frac Pit Floating Covers

Our frac pit floating cover systems can help keep produced water covered and contained, or keep fresh water from evaporating due to harsh heat or windy weather events. CLI has been working with leading oil and gas companies across the country for several years to provide frac pit containment solutions. We understand the obstacles and conditions that many companies face today. Our process is designed to address those issues and provide our customers with the most efficient and reliable system available.

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Floating Cover Cleaning Before
Floating Cover Cleaning After