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Tank-Flex 30 Mil LLDPE Black/Gray Membrane

Tank-Flex is a co-extruded linear low density polyethylene geomembrane developed for applications requiring enhanced flexibility along with a combination of high strength and impact resistance. These elements are critical for earthen pits, ponds and reliable above ground tank lining systems.

Tank-Flex includes fine partial carbon black for protection from UV radiation and thermal degradation on one side. A gray color on the other side minimizes thermal expansion while providing a cooler surface. Contrasting colors provide for ease of detection of accidental damage. Both sides are designed for ease of welding in the factory or field.


  • 15 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Flexible
  • Conforms Well to Uneven Surfaces
  • Durable
  • Proven Impact Resistance
  • Proven Puncture Resistance
  • Outstanding Elongation
  • Excellent Cold Crack Performance
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Engineered Specifically for AST Applications
  • Easy Visual Inspection

tank-flex lldpe uses:

Above ground tank lined with Tank Flex liner
  • Above Ground Storage Tanks
  • Containment Berms
  • Oilfield Pit Liners
  • Landfill Covers
  • Canals & Channels
  • Decorative Ponds
  • Outdoor Coverings
  • Brine Ponds
  • Fire Ponds
  • Remediation Liners
  • Farm Ponds
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