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Algae Pond Kit System

Algae Pond Raceway Kit

Working with our partners at MicroBio Engineering we have co-developed the world’s first large-scale algae pond system in a kit format currently in sizes ranging from 20 m2 to 101 m2 with larger sizes. APIAC™ (Algae Pond In A Can) ponds are top quality raceway systems that are assembled from some of the most robust materials available yet they remain a very economical option. Since the kits are all inclusive there’s minimal planning, scrounging and other “busy work” involved.

A Brief History of APIAC™
Although the concept was a long held dream of Raven and our partners at MicroBio Engineering, this particular implementation was envisioned, designed, built and operational within the span of 6 months. The rapid development period was made possible by utilizing three-dimensional modeling software and a dream team of stakeholders with unmatched CNC manufacturing capabilities and lots of 7 day work weeks. This explosion of development occurred when a chance phone call between MicroBio Engineering and Raven made it evident that both entities had the same raceway pond kit goal and each player was holding half of the design puzzle and a spontaneous partnership was forged.

Our enabling APIAC™ technology is incorporated into complete above-ground pond systems that are exclusively marketed by MicroBio Engineer (MBE), Inc. under the banner of Algae Raceways™. The APIAC™ system was developed by our own designer, Andre Harvey and engineers that know algae, having many decades of experience working with critical eyes in this field. This knowledge was translated into a serious finished product. True to our form and mission, all components are of top quality materials designed to provide many years of economical service.

Algae Raceways™ is a Registered Trademark of MicroBio Engineering (MBE), Inc.

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Flex Steps for Pond Lined Slope

Flexstep - Safety & Efficiency with Every Step...

Stair Access For Lining Projects

Flexstep is a stairway system designed for all types of Geosynthetic Membranes including polyethylene, PVC, HDPE, Woven Geotextile and other high performance engineer membranes

Flexstep utilizes patented technology to produce a stairway with a unique combination of a pressure dissipating mat base, adjustable steps and
handrail It is also non penetrating to liners. The adjustability and flexibility of the stairway provides for safe & efficient access for many industrial applications.


  • Easy To Install - Requires Hand Tools Only
  • Designed For Many Types Of Geosynthetic Materials
  • Any Slope Combination
  • Does Not Penetrate Liner
  • Any Strength Available
  • Pressure-Dissipating Mat Base
  • Adjustable And Flexible
  • Hand Rails Available
  • Can Be Transported & Re-Installed As Needed
  • Perfect For Use Before, During & After Installation
  • 5, 7 & 9 Steps In Stock
  • 5 - 15 Steps Available By Order


Ponds & Lakes
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Truck Bed Liner

Metal Containment Walls - Secondary Containment

Metal Containment Walls

Steel ring containment systems are not susceptible to wind and water erosion like earthen containment. Plus, the strength and durability of corrugated, galvanized steel provide long term performance with virtually no maintenance. More economical and weather resistant than the alternatives, they also offer greater design flexibility.


  • Enhanced Protection
  • Less Maintenance
  • Lower Cost
  • Widely Used
  • Increases Containment Capacity
  • Meets CO State Containment Regulations for Agrochemical and Liquid Fertilizer Containment
  • Meets or Exceeds EPA Requirements for SPCC Ruling On Fuel Containment
  • Square, Oval, Circle, L-Shaped Oval/Oblong, and Rectangle Configurations Available.


Oil & Gas Tanks
Secondary Containment
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