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Evaporative Pond Lining

HDPE Lining of Evaporative Pond - Cisco, Utah

PROJECT INFO: Forty to fifty mile per hour winds proved to be a major challenge for installation crews tasked with lining 13 evaporation ponds, each approximately 4 acres each. The large pits are intended to dispose of production water from natural gas wells through evaporation. Winds in the east/central region of Utah, just near the border of Colorado; often began blowing after 10 am each day and made deployment and site coordination very important.

Other factors affecting the project were the size & depth of the lagoons, which directly impact the maximization of storage and evaporation rates. The project required the engineering expertise of Weaver Boos Consultants, who have offices located in Greenwood Village, CO.

Colorado Lining and Weaver Boos worked together on a strategic design and installation plan for the project. The completion of each cell was critical to the success of the facility. Despite these obstacles, CLI crews were able complete the job successfully & were contracted to complete additional ponds for the client.

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