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Landfill Leachate Floating Cover

Landfill Leachate Floating Cover - Port Orchard, Washington

PROJECT INFO: The scope of this project proves CLI's willingness and ability to acclimate to extraordinary and specific job requirements. Besides the fabrication and installation of a Floating Cover, the project required: removal of old aerators, design of new bubbler system, construction of a concrete beam, redo of the system's electrical panel, installation of 3,000 feet of drain pipe, as well as fence removal and replacement. All of which had to occur while the collection pond went un drained.

The purpose of the cover installation was to prevent the mixing of rain water and leachate in the Landfill collection ponds.

XR-5 material was chosen for the complicated cover design because of it's excellent chemical resistance. Although much of the parts were pre-fabricated in CLI's Colorado fabrication plant, the experienced crew had to have the familiarity and know how for site installation.

CLI had many factors to consider including seasonality, complicated design/build, limited and difficult access to the pond, and keeping the collection pond in service. Even with those issues, CLI was able to complete the cover promptly and within the client's budget.

JOB SPECS:      

  • 40 mil XR-5 
  • Square Footage: 54,000
  • Crew Size: 7 men
  • Job Duration: 2 months
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