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Power Plant Evaporative Pond Lining

Generation Station Evaporative Pond Lining - Page, Arizona

PROJECT INFO: A solid pond liner system was required in order to effectively and safely contain process water for the Generation station located in Page, Arizona.

A tight schedule and rapidly changing weather conditions were major factors to consider for this project.

The project consisted of material fabrication and installation of a liner system that included several types of HDPE liner, Geocomposite and Geonet materials. These materials are typically specified for double lined containments where leak detection is required by regulatory agencies.  White HDPE was specified as the primary liner layer to minimize wrinkling of the exposed liner system.

In addition to the liner system described, the project required custom fabrication projects to ensure access and efficiency on the site. Access ladders were pre-fabricated and installed on the steep pond slopes to allow efficient pond access. Ballast tubes were also pre-fabricated and filled onsite to keep the liner in place during high wind events, which are common in that area.

The General Contractor PCL Civil Constructors, Inc., Project Owner SRP and Colorado Lining International, Inc. all worked together to ensure the project was completed on time and on budget.

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  • HDPE – 60 mil Smooth – 1,310,400 SF
  • HDPE Textured Double sided White – 60 mil – 1,345,500 SF
  • HDPE Textured Double sided – 100 mil – 170,775 SF
  • Geonet – 1,296,900 SF
  • Geocomposite Single Sided – 1,122,300 SF
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