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Multi-Layer Design-Build Solution
Including RPE Floating Cover

Raw Product Fertilizer Storage & Floating Cover system - Fort Dodge, IA

PROJECT INFO: This multi-layer solution for a raw product/fertilizer storage pond used in farming applications included two ponds, each with 3 layers and 45 mil RPE floating covers. The defined sump system that was a design-build effort included sand tubes, floats, and a hatch. Project requirements made this an opportunity for CLI to design and construct a floating cover with RPE material. The UV stability, chemical resistance and exposure durability that is characteristic of RPE liner made the material ideal for this setting.

The cell lining systems consisted of first layer (over sub-grade) of 60 mil HDPE liner for overall containment, a middle layer of 200 mil Geonet for drainage, and another layer with sump collection comprised of 60 mil HDPE.

The Floating Cover layer was designed to keep outside contamination like rain water, dirt and debris out of each pond. Because the contents of the system required regular treatment, a floating cover would greatly reduce the amount of contents needing treatment; thereby saving the site owner tens of thousands of dollars each year. The project will have paid for itself after approximately 2-3 years depending on rainfall and weather events. 


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