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Custom Fabrication

Custom Factory Fabrication of Geomembranes

Taking certain steps in the fabrication process can help your project progress more smoothly on the job site.

  • Fabrication of flexible geomembrane liner  eliminates up to 80% of field seaming, resulting in less construction time.
  • Factory seaming of liner is done in a climate controlled area eliminating weather issues.
  • Project specific adaptations are more easily engineered in a factory setting.
  • Geosyntheic panels can be built to size.
  • Specialty Jobs like Floating Covers & Fabricated Geotextiles are designed with fabrication and the product in mind.
  • Our products for Athletic & Environmental Cover Systems are factory fabricated & shipped according to your specs.

3 Fabrication Facilities Across The US

CLI's state-of-the-art fabrication facilities have fully stocked inventory and can meet the most demanding project deadlines. Our fabrication division is one of the leaders in the nation in customer satisfaction.  We can provide custom panel sizes of the various geomembranes to meet your design specifications or provide you with one of our prefabricated stock items (20 mil and 30 mil PVC only).

Using the latest in heat fusion technology, our fabricators can manufacture large panels quickly and arrange transportation to your job site.

We offer full geomembrane fabrication services in our Colorodo, Texas & California facilities.  Find us

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