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Design-Build Capabilities

Colorado Lining international, Inc. has over 38 years of experience in the geosynthetics industry, and we offer custom Design-Build solutions that are cost effective and reliable. Our Design-Build work optimizes project economics and ensures the most efficient containment system possible. We have thoughtfully and carefully coordinated many complicated containment systems for a range of industries!                                  

Design-Build Experience

The CLI Design-Build Process Includes:

Spray Liner use with Geomembranes

Combining Proven Materials with the Most Current Innovations Available

The use of spray liner or coatings to enhance the characteristics and performance of steel, concrete, and geosynthetics is increasing through the civil engineering sector. This movement has been aided by innovations in how the coatings are applied. CLI’s technicians are well trained and experienced in the coating installation techniques that will provide a thorough and reliable bond for your design-build project. Article on Clearwell project utilizing both membranes & coatings.                           

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