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Maintenance for Floating Covers

Raven CLI Construction is a pioneer of Floating Cover design, fabrication and installation services.  Now Raven is making inspections and maintenance a part of it's extensive Floating Cover Services offering.

Floating Cover Maintenance Capabilities

Raven CLI Construction's inspections are performed by technicians with extensive experience installing, inspecting and maintaining floating cover systems. Technicians will inspect factors that are critical to the success and function of a good floating cover system. Factors include tension, drainage of surface water, holes in the cover, exposure to elements, debris that may be collecting on the cover and more.

Liner System Inspection & Repairs

Inspections and repairs of geosynthetic liner systems are an important part of Raven CLI Construction's lining services offering.

Leaking or damage of any kind can be a big problem for any liner system, and can result in unwanted water loss that will cost site owners extra money.

We offer technicians that are often prepared to inspect and repair a damaged system the same day. Not all systems can be repaired the same day that they are inspected , but Raven CLI understands the urgency of such a matter, and we will work hard to ensure that your liner system repaired in a timely fashion.

Yearly inspections and cleaning of liner systems can be a smart investment, and are sometime required for certain sites.

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Geomembrane Recycling Program

Geomembrane Recycling Program - From Pond to Pellet

All pit liners are collected, cleaned, shredded and recycled using the most technologically advanced systems while leaving no adverse impact on the environment. Not only do you reduce landfill costs, but you capture residual value from recycling your waste liner and actively participate in true environmental stewardship. The process is truly one of a kind.

We are currently accepting the following materials for recycling: LLDPE, HDPE, PVC and Polypropylene.


  • 40 mil – 100 mil
  • HDPE Material
  • Non-Woven Material
  • Free of Scrim Reinforcement
  • From Water Only Applications
  • No Contamination as Defied Below:

Material liner must be non-woven and non-string reinforced, and over 30 mils in thickness.

We will cover the cost of freight in most cases!


  • Less than 30 mil
  • Liners From Non-Water Applications
  • Woven Material
  • Liner With Contamination
  • Non HDPE Material
  • Liners with Felt
  • Liners with Scrim Reinforcement
  • Liners with Oil Residue
  • Liners with Excessive Dirt
  • Liners with Chemicals
  • Liners with Drill Cuttings


If the dirt outweighs the plastic, it is too much. Below is a list of unacceptable containments:

  • Heavy, pervasive mud
  • Large Rocks
  • Oil
  • Metal
  • Drill Cuttings
  • Rope
  • Chemicals of Any Kind

Form of Delivery:

Large wads and otherwise unmanageable materials will be rejected at the expense of the delivering party. Liner is acceptable in:

  • Sheets
  • Folds
  • Rolls
  • Spools
  • Bales
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